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The housing association Skuruberg in Nacka (hereafter abbreviated to BRF Skuruberg) was registered on 15 May 1957 and consists of six apartment buildings. The properties are centrally located in Nacka with the addresses Fasanvägen (“Pheasant Road”) 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 34. BRF Skuruberg consists of a total of 106 apartments and 9 premises.

BRF Skuruberg is an independent economic association within HSB Stockholm. The economic association BRF Skuruberg owns the properties with its apartments and premises. The apartments are then leased to the members.

Surrounded by trees and green spaces, the association’s properties are close to Saltsjö-Duvnäs – a quiet and idyllic residential area. The seawater of Skurusundet is just a few hundred meters away and, together with Lännerstasundet, offers several great bathing spots. Långsjön, a nature reserve with a child-friendly bathing lake and outdoor gym is only a short walk away. The natural area, Skuruparken, can be seen from many of the apartments’ balconies and the extensive Nyckelviken and Nackareservatet nature reserves offer nice walks and family outings. There are also several play parks, pre-schools, and schools in the immediate vicinity.

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BRF Skuruberg i Nacka